“If you want more harmony, money, and unlimited good 
in your life, employ these principles—
Mark Victor Hansen, New York Times Bestselling Author,
 The One Minute Millionaire, and The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

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   Which card did Jay Leno Pick?

Find out below!

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of 
thinking we used when we created them.

--Albert Einstein

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From: Heidi Baer
Re: The HarMoney

The HarMoney Cards are inspirational prosperity affirmations on cards that resemble $100 bills. This is a unique visual tool which helps you to claim prosperity for yourself. Choose a card in the morning and that becomes your daily prosperity "lesson." Refer to it throughout the day, take in the message, and open yourself to prosperity! The next day you pick a new card. 

HarMoney teaches the laws of abundance in a fun and meaningful way.

Everyone needs to use the brilliant affirmations in HarMoney. I love them, and so will you!”

Mark Victor Hansen, New York Times Bestselling Author,
The One Minute Millionaire
Chicken Soup for the Soul 

Left: Mark Victor Hansen and Heidi holding the HarMoney cards.

Each set of HarMoney Cards contains 64 Laws of Prosperity that steer you towards inner and outer riches. The affirmations are powerful reminders that will help guide your thoughts and actions toward abundance and joy.

Secrets to Lifelong Prosperity
64 Cards and an Instruction Booklet

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Every day you make thousands of powerful decisions, including how much prosperity you are going to let into your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, attitude, expectations, and corresponding actions profoundly influence the results you are getting in the outside world.

Each law is presented on a $100 bill replica in order to emphasize the fact that money is merely energy, a unit of exchange, a symbol of value for your effort. That's all it is.

Yet most of us have many limiting beliefs about money which cause us to struggle in our financial life. Since we all need money to operate effectively in our society,
Wouldn't it be wonderful to exchange struggle over money into "HarMoney" instead?

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You can learn to fully allow abundance and prosperity into your life. You ultimately decide the quantity and combination of elements that define your own form of satisfying personal prosperity!

If you're like me, you want to 'live your best life possible' (as Oprah often says.) That includes being at peace with money, and creating a life filled with prosperity. 

What is True Prosperity? HarMoney defines prosperity as a balance of inner and outer riches; including happiness, peace of mind, an abundance of money, as well as a life filled with love, freedom, positive contribution, and meaningful work. 

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You may know all this already. But "knowing" the truth versus "doing" something about it are two completely different things. Most of us "know" the way to lose weight is to diet and exercise. Yet, losing weight still a challenge for millions.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. 
--Helen Keller 

In order to create something different, you must rise above the problem to a new level of thinking and being. It's like getting a bird's eye view. You begin to see new possibilities that were invisible to you before. With this "broader vision" comes a new experience of insight and understanding, as well as the ability to take effective action and achieve lasting results.

You become what you think about all day long.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever tried to change a habit? Just like losing weight or quitting smoking, changing your thinking can seem challenging, even impossible. That's why we created HarMoney!

HARMONEY is the best tool I know for creating abundance, 
well-being, and self-esteem!”

Sirah Vettese, P.H.D., Author
Divine Align

HARMONEY is designed to integrate easily into your daily routine. The card you choose each day becomes your prosperity principle to carry with you, and gives you a touchstone to guide your thoughts and your life towards prosperity.

The whole of science is nothing more than 
a refinement of everyday thinking.

--Albert Einstein

What is the difference between people who struggle and people who succeed? Successful people as well as failures come from all walks of life, from every culture, age, background, and education level. It is a fact that many millionaires never even finished high school!

  • The true deciding factor on whether you will succeed or fail lies in your attitude, expectations, and approach to everyday life. The thoughts you think affect vital factors in creating prosperity.
  • The way you start your morning is powerful, and sets your attitude for the day.
    People always seem to pick the card that addresses their issues of the moment and helps to tackle their challenges in a positive way!  We have heard this phenomenon repeatedly throughout the years from HarMoney Card fans.
  • When you pick a HarMoney Card each morning, the prosperity mindset stays with you! The unique format and uplifting content of these prosperity cards effectively get your mind and your life moving toward prosperity and success each day.

“HarMoney is incredible. I've been using it with clients and they always seem to pick the perfect card!”

Gayle Green, Counselor 

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We are bombarded with thousands of negative messages each day. Much of society is quietly miserable. So we learn to expect very little from life. But there is another way! If you want more success and happiness, model the people who are getting the results you want!

Each HarMoney
Card Contains Success Secrets
from the Greatest Minds of all Time
  • HarMoney contains the most complete collection of Time-Tested Prosperity Principles together in one program. The wisdom of the greatest minds are compiled here into meaningful and concise bite-sized pieces You don't have to sift through pages of theory or anecdotes. Just simple, impacting, useful concepts.
  • A Proven Formula for Success. Each HarMoney Card contains time-tested prosperity principles that are easy to integrate into your daily routine and simple to apply in your life.

Prosperity is a science consisting of laws as sure as the law of gravity.

For the first time, all of the Laws of Prosperity are collected together here 
to make a life changing tool. You will love picking your daily HarMoney
and the inspiration that its message gives you.

Remember the question at the top of this letter? Here is the card that Jay picked:

Prosperity Law #46
My Life Has Purpose and Meaning

The back of the card reads:

Everything in this incredible universe is perfectly orchestrated and finely tuned. We are all individual parts of a whole, and as such, we are one. There is a master plan. There are no accidents. There is meaning and harmony in everything that happens.

is a Simple, Effective, and Fun Tool for Creating Prosperity!

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Best of Success,
Heidi Baer

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